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2024 Regular Season

The FEYSB Softball Program

Season at a Glance

Season Duration: May - July 
Games & Practices: Game days vary and are scheduled by an area coordinator. Practices are determined and scheduled by the team coaches. To keep you informed as best we can, we plan to post as much scheduling information as possible on our website's Calendar and Events pages. 
Teams: The teams are split up by the grade the girls will be entering in the upcoming school year

  • T-Ball - Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
  • Coach Pitch - 2nd Grade - 4th Grade 
  • Juniors - 5th Grade - 6th Grade 
  • Junior High - 6th Grade - 8th Grade 

Registration: When registration is open, you will register using the "Registration" tab on the top navigation bar.

Who Can Join?

The FEYSB softball program is open to the young girls of the Frankfort community. 
Age Requirement: Must be entering Kindergarten in the upcoming school year


Playing Requirements

No additional registration forms are required at this time. 

Important to Know

Community Support: Each softball team is proudly sponsored by a local business. Business names are featured on the team uniforms, helping to turn each game into a showcase of community support. Sponsorships play a crucial role in keeping costs down for our program. If you are interested in being a team sponsor, please email
Fully Equipped: The FEYSB Softball Program provides all necessary equipment EXCEPT your softball glove. Each girl will be responsible for supplying their glove. If the cost of a softball glove is a factor, please email - we're here to help! 

Get Involved!

Each softball team needs a coach volunteer to lead practices and games. If you are interested in being a coach, please get in touch with our program contact Jess Trudell. Volunteer support is key to our success!

Program Contact:

Summer Softball Program
Jesse McMahon 
– - 231-383-1492

Junior High Softball Program
Amber Wilson 
– - 231-590-3832